Formation en ligne... Copernicus MOOC - 19 décembre 2019

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En tant que "Copernicus Relays", l'AFIGEO diffuse régulièrement les actualités de ce programme européen. Dernière nouveauté : la création d'un MOOC sur Copernicus, une formation en ligne pour les personnes qui veulent utiliser les données d’observation de la Terre et développer la prochaine génération d’applications compatibles avec les données Copernicus...

What is the Copernicus MOOC?
The increasing availability of massive amounts of EO (Earth Observation) data, particularly from the EU's Copernicus Programme, provides a wealth of opportunities for organisations large and small, in the private as well as in the public sector, to develop and deliver new and innovative products and services in a variety of areas. However, for many people who have no or limited prior experience of using geo-information data, getting started with Copernicus data and services can be quite a challenge!
The Copernicus MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is aimed at enabling anyone to overcome this challenge. Participants will learn how Copernicus data and services can be used to support evidence-based public policy, address major societal challenges, and make the most of limited resources in a sustainable way, while also generating business opportunities and opening up new markets. They will also learn and acquire the key skills and competences needed to develop the next generation of Copernicus-enabled products and services.
Who is it for?
The Copernicus MOOC is designed for all people who wish to use or could benefit from using EO data, but who have no or limited prior experience in doing so. All first-time and intermediate users of Copernicus data and services from the public and private sector and public sector are therefore invited to participate: civil servants, policy makers, entrepreneurs, innovators, intrapreneurs, service designers, etc.
When is it taking place?
The Copernicus MOOC will be delivered twice in 2020:
  • MOOC 1: February – April 2020
  • MOOC 2: September – December 2020
Registration for the first edition of the MOOC is now opened at

Further information on the course will be made available over the coming weeks on the Copernicus website ( as well as on the Copernicus social media accounts: